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To become the best, you must learn from the best. And that’s exactly who we are.

Kuttz Beauty College is dedicated to preparing cosmetology professionals through a dynamic, personalized education in a family-like environment that prepares graduates in the skills necessary for success in the workplace.

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Come in today for a nail repair, spa facial, shampoo and style, or an impressive perm.

Booking with one of our students at our east side beauty school.

Spa Manicure


Nail Enhancements


Basic Pedicure


Perm (base price)


scalp & deep conditioning


Student Artist At Beauty COLLEGE

2219 E 7th Ave. Flagstaff Arizona 86004

Tue-Sat 10am – 5pm

Want to attend beauty school?

Are you interested in becoming a licensed cosmetologist? Kuttz Beauty College offers a thorough cosmetology education with all the support to start and complete your training as well as prepare you for the Arizona state licensure exam.

Each course is thoughtfully designed to ensure our students not only excel in cosmetology techniques but also understand how to succeed in the beauty industry.

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Creative Expression

In the beauty industry, you get to turn your passion for creativity into something tangible. Whether it’s experimenting with makeup, creating new hair styles, or crafting intricate nail designs, it’s like turning your creativity into a real-life canvas where you can express yourself in exciting ways.

Flexibility & Diversity

The beauty industry isn’t just about one thing—it’s a whole world of possibilities. You can explore different paths like skincare, hairstyling, or even becoming a makeup influencer. Plus, you can choose when and where you work, fitting your career around your life, not the other way around.

Be Your Own Boss

Ever dreamed of starting your own business? Whether it’s opening your own salon, creating your own makeup line, or offering your skills as a freelance artist, the beauty industry is full of chances to turn your dreams into reality and be your own boss.

Make A Difference

Picture the feeling when you help someone see themselves in a whole new light. As a licensed cosmetologist, you’re not just making people look good—you’re boosting their confidence and making them feel amazing, one visit at a time.

Why Kuttz Beauty College?

At Kuttz Beauty College, we support students through every phase of their education, graduation, and career placement. Stylists trained at our beauty school in Flagstaff will learn how to help people look and feel great while growing the confidence and skills to build an exclusive clientele business within their own community.

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Products we use & love

At Kuttz Beauty College, we are committed to using the highest quality products to ensure the best results for our clients. Learn more about products we use and love!


At Kuttz, we understand that pursuing a career in cosmetology is an investment in your future. That’s why we offer support to help you access the financial resources you need to start your journey.


Get all the answers to your questions about what it takes to train at Kuttz Beauty College and obtain a cosmetology license from the State of Arizona.

Graduated students

"shout out to Corey for coming over from the beauty side to assist and curl the girls hair after ❤️"
Jennifer Jones
Google Review
"shout out to Corey for coming over from the beauty side to assist and curl the girls hair after ❤️"
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones
Google Review